December feels

God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December.


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Notable Dates in December

5th December – The Great Christmas Pudding Race

14th December – New Moon

21st December – Winter Solstice

24th December – Christmas Eve

25th December – Christmas Day

26th December – Boxing Day

28th December – Bank Holiday (Boxing Day substitute).

30th December – Full Moon

31st December – Hogmanay / New years Eve

31st December – Stonehaven Fireball Festival

December seasonal Foods

What is seasonal in December.

If you would like a selection of Seasonal Organic produce, try Riverford veg, fruit and meat boxes


Roots, etc:






In nature

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On the Farm

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Things to do in December

In the December garden

What to plant and sow

Gardening hints

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Out and about

Days and nights draw even.

Recipe of the month.

Crispy, juicy, melty Pork & roots.

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Pork – Cooking times.

If unsure, the following is a good rule of thumb:

@175C (170c Fan) 25 mins /Pound + 20 minutes. 35 mins /kg +20 minutes.

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Some Salt.


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Kitchen roll can be useful.

A large cup or mug you don’t use too often.


Get it out the fridge. Weight it, note it, or read the label with the weight on it.

Give it a rinse, Dry it using a kitchen towel, or tea towel (straight to the wash)

Rub liberally with salt. Ensure it is well scored – if you have a butcher, ensure that they score it, if not, do it yourself with a sharp knife. If this is not possible, don’t panic. Ideally, the pieces should be the size of the perfect scratching or crackling.

Leave for at least an hour, or maybe two or more if its big (over 6kg / 9lb) at room temperature. You may cover with something to keep of flies or domestic animals.


I think this goes very well with some carrots, (roast spuds if you are making them, or a bit of mash – potato or root), and lots of greens: depending on how the season is and your taste, Sprouts, Winter cabbage, Kale, Caleibrase or if lucky sprouting broccoli.

Activities, things to see and do in December

With lengthening days arise more opportunities to get out and about. To see what is happening in nature and the countryside. There is also a lot more to see as they year really starts to get going.

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December in pictures