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I love the changing seasons, countryside, sea air, sunshine, stormy days, wildlife, birds, plants but especially getting out into it! What better way to express this than an almanac?

It is a personal perspective on seasonal happenings. Not intended to be comprehensive, but if you have an event or something seasonal you think I should add, drop me a line.

New contributors are always welcome – no previous experience required. Intrigued? Drop me Contact me.

All photographs on the features tend to belong to the featured author unless otherwise credited, similarly on the website the photographs are mine unless otherwise credited. You may use them only for personal use and by crediting and linking to either the owner or this site. Alternatively, if you want stock photo’s, please visit Almanac Stock Photo’s

This site will always be a work in progress, so if you have or know of an interesting event, drop me a message – use the form on the Contact Page.

Canal in full summer greenery

As with all websites, there are costs associated with running the site: besides the time that it takes to add content and manage submissions by other authors, there are servers to pay for. So to try to cover some of these costs, this site now contains a little advertising and affiliate links.

Listed below are the partners and links to their sites can be found within this website. These links are to help pay for the maintenance of the site and I have tried to make them relevant to this site.

But first, a blatant advert.

I switched to Bulb a few years ago. I admit initially it was to save money, but the thing that really swung it for me is that they supply 100% renewable electricity. I have just received an email from them, stating that this has saved over 1,700kg of CO2 in the last year.

Are they cheaper? Yes. Are there any catches? To be honest, yes, but it’s minor and I would sooner be honest. They tend to like you to be ahead of balance – in other words a month in credit. I have found this to be of little consequence and the savings and being carbon free absolutely worth it.

So – what’s in it for me? Is there a bonus for you?

£50.00 for each of us it’s whats’s in it for me AND you if you get both gas and electricity, or £25.00 for just electricity. I definitely think it’s worth the switch.

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Switch to Bulb and we could both get £50.00


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