A view of Avebury Stone Circle on a summers morning

Your seasonal guide to the year.

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Being outdoors benefits us in so many ways. It improves our mental health, physical health and general wellbeing. We connect with the environment, nature and this planet we live on which is a good thing.

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The world around us constantly changing, the weather, the seasons, tides. Explore these daily and seasonal changes with this online Almanac.

field scabious and other wildflowers on an unmown grassy verge
field scabious and other wildflowers on an unmown grassy verge

This is the place for information on food, nature, recipes, being outdoors, farming and the environment.

Love food, nature, recipes. Want to know more about being outdoors, farming and the environment? A month by month seasonal guide with features, events and important dates.

Inspired by Nature

The natural world was indeed the inspiration for this repository of information.

I have always enjoyed walking and exploring and find the world around us exciting, inspiring and interesting. I had started the site Roaming the Paths to share my passion for walking. However, it occurred to me that the things that really excited me is all the things that make the world around us.

The plants and animals observed on my roaming walks varied not only day by day but season by season. The types and distribution of this flora and fauna is determined by geology, climate and weather, tides, seasons, human interaction and the interactions between all these species. I was determined to share some of this wonder in the natural environment.