Will it ever stop raining? Plus, lots more to do

To my recollection, the last time it was properly dry was September 2019. OK, there might have been a day here or there with no rains, but seriously? We have had none of those solstice type lingering highs that produce cold crisp winter days (and hot summer days), no snow, no frost, just rain, wind, and cloud.

Flooded footpath next to a wet field in March

Progress on the website

Progress has been made on the website. Although I have been doing this sort of thing professionally for years, it’s been an interesting learning experience.

Day to Day I tend to only do programming and project management, so learning a new platform, designing the layout, locating media, collating data, locating references, link checking and writing the copy has reminded me that often we are just a cog in a bigger machine.

The site navigation has been giving me a hard time because it would just not behave anywhere near logically in both desktop and mobile views. Both are important as traffic can now be evenly split between these to platforms. I have created a temporary solution called The year.

I have almost completed the first round of development in the first six months, with January, February, March, and April is complete, with more work to do in May and June. Events and dates have been added to the rest of The Year.

Out and about

Aside from this activity, with some good waterproof clothing it has been possible to get out. Spring is definitely springing. Plants arising from the soil, buds breaking and birds singing.

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