Wander around a beautiful garden

The Wonders of a Wander seize your right to roam

I love walking. I love being out and about, seeing, touching, smelling, listening, getting the air and exploring. However, sometimes life and your brain get in the way.

Sometimes we need to just get out there, enjoy that Wonders of a Wander, but our head might get in the way. I explore this and the world around us in an article I wrote for Little Piece of Wonder.

Read The wonder of a wander by Alan Coxon on Little Piece of Wonder.

Inspiration and Further reading

A number of people have inspired me in writing this article.


Tom Cox inspired me to have the confidence to write and trust that I have my own style, and more importantly that style doesn’t matter. The journey, the content, observation and emotion matter. Function over Form, Substance over style.

Thomas Hardy celebrates the detail of the countryside. His detailed descriptions readily describe times long gone. Through his words, we can visit the foreign lands of our past and know the change that has happened to our landscape and lives. An inspiration to absorb the details and the wide-open spaces and make them our own.

Writer and broadcaster

Ian McMillan is someone whose observation and communication of that observation is uniquely gifted. He is inspirational how he can describe a crisp packet in a litter bin in 5 words, and you have an entire story, a snippet of a person’s life, an event, tragedy or what the weather is doing. If you are on Twitter, I highly recommend following him.


My initial exposure to Jay Rayner as a judge on Masterchef did not warm me to him. However, I started to follow him on Twitter (yes, that thing again) and my mind was changed. His inspiration to me was his masterclass on Column writing, how to write on a similar subject repeatedly and keep it fresh and interesting. It was very good, and I hope I remembered some of it.

The wonder of a Wander – remember to do it.

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